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Frequently Asked Questions

If your animal has not yet received a Reiki or Emotion Code session before, you’re likely to have some questions. Below, you’ll find a list of several frequently asked questions from my clients. Connect with me today for more information.

Is Distance healing session different than in-person session?

The energy sent and received during a Distance Reiki or Emotion Code session is just as powerful as the energy sent and received during an in-person session. And for animals, a Distance Reiki or Emotion Code session can be ideal if they tend to get nervous around a new person. They can be in the comfort of your home and feel totally relaxed.

How should I prepare my animal for their Reiki session?

Does Reiki help with chronic or terminal illness in Animals?

For a Distance Animal Reiki session I will ask that you schedule the session at a time when you know your animal will be relaxed and their environment will be quiet. Then at the scheduled time I will begin giving Reiki. You will most likely notice your pet getting very relaxed and quiet during the session. They love the energy of Reiki. After the session I will let you know what energy blocks I felt and saw and removed during the session.

Absolutely. Reiki is a powerful energy that gently supports your animal in times of chronic or terminal illness. Reiki helps reduce the pain associated with chronic or terminal illness and fills their body with beautiful supportive energy. I've done Reiki on animals who showed me where they needed the Reiki even before the owner knew an illness or cancer existed. 

And in the case they are getting ready to cross over, it helps to remove any emotional or energetic baggage they may have picked up from their humans, (this is very very common) so when the energetic or emotional baggage is removed they are able to make a much smoother and peaceful transition to the other side.

I love assisting animals during times of terminal illness. What better way to show them how much you care for them by supporting as they get ready to transition. 

How many sessions will my animal need?

There are definitely times where your animal will benefit from multiple Reiki sessions, such as if your animal has just been adopted from a shelter and is adjusting to their new home, you know or suspect your animal has been abused, has a chronic health condition, has just had surgery, has cancer or is getting ready to cross over. Multiple sessions would then be best to support the healing process.

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