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The Hummingbird

Not too long after I had received my Reiki 1 & 2 training.... I was on vacation in Southern Utah and staying at a condominium. While I was inside I heard a thump on the big window in front of me and looked out to find two small green hummingbirds lying on the table just below the window. They had flown into the window and were just lying there injured... either stunned or dead. I watched for a few minutes to see if they would be able to fly away.


One of them regained consciousness and was able to stand up and fly away... the other one had a very bent neck and one wing was stuck open... it looked pretty dire.... it wasn’t moving at all. I watched for a minute more and saw no movement, then decided to go out and offer assistance to the hummingbird.


When I got outside I bent down near the bird and put my hands near the bird... about 5 or 6 inches away... I didn’t touch the bird or try to pick it up as I didn’t want to possibly cause any more trauma to it if it awoke. I began giving it Reiki and felt the energy start moving quite strongly through my hands to the little hummingbird.


I felt the energy pulsing around the bird and felt that the bird was receiving it. I had been sending the Reiki for a few mins when the hummingbird began to slowly move, stand up and straighten its neck... the left wing was still stuck open... and as it started to move it slipped off the edge of the table but was able to catch itself with its beak and get back up onto the table... I had put my hand a few inches underneath the bird just in case it fell.


As it stood on the table I kept my hands close and kept offering Reiki... I felt that the hummingbird was in an energy trance... I felt the energies swirling around the bird and felt that it was entirely encompassed by the healing energies... I continued to send Reiki and saw its eyes open and blink a few times and knew that we were in the home stretch. A minute more and it was able to close the wing that had been stuck open and blink again. Oh those cute little blinking eyes... They were so sweet to see. ♥️


I felt that it would not be able to fly away until I stopped giving it Reiki ... so I stopped giving Reiki and for the next few minutes it slowly came out of the energy healing trance.... and then flew away in the direction that the other hummingbird had flown. I instinctively felt that if it had flown away without receiving the reiki that it wouldn’t have survived.


This was such a beautiful experience for me... to be that close to a bird that we rarely get to see up close and so still.


Being able to assist a beautiful hummingbird was a heart-felt gift for me. It was the highlight of my vacation.

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