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What My Clients Say


"Amy-- Again, thank you so much for all of your hard work on Mocha.  I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this. SO, Mocha.  My mystery girl.  She is SO much better after you worked on her.  Your work was amazing and finally, my Mocha girl is comfortable in her own fur!  


She use to get so anxious about anything happening in the house or around her.  She'd go out in our big fenced yard and she'd get anxious.  She would have a "snotty" nose and it would just bubble and foam.  She would want to be right next to me to grab comfort.  She would not want to walk on the grass.  Now, for the most part, she gets her reassurance from her humans and then heads out to do her "business."  She no longer gets the snotty nose -- not even at the vet until the very end of the visit and then it is just a little bit!  She gets a little bit snotty at the groomer.  But, these are things that we will continue to work on.


She was at the dog park (off leash) shortly after you worked with her.  Normally, she'd take Belah's lead and follow her around.  Since Belah passed, she would hide behind my legs, run for about 6-10 feet and then come back to hide again.  That day, she got off leash and just ran.  She RAN!  She ran like a dog, played with other pups like a dog.  Played with BIG dogs (75-100 pounds).  She played with little dogs (5-8 pounds).  Tried to protect another dog from a herding dog.  It was wild to see out of my 23 pound cocker!  SHE IS A DOG!  It is so much fun to see her be what God created her to be.  It saddens me about her abuse prior to coming here.  It is so nice to have the Emotion Code to work through this with her.  Thank you for your Reiki work and Emotion Code as well!


Prior to being worked on, she would wet the bed when she would fall into a deep sleep.  We were told that this was because of a medical condition that is "common" in dogs who are spayed.  Sometimes, a nerve is nicked during surgery and they lose the control of their bladder when completely relaxed (REM sleep).  We, reluctantly, put her on a medication.  It seemed to help, but had its share of side effects.  Every time I gave her the pill, I cringed.  I like to go all natural if at all possible.  After my work on her as well as yours, I Muscle Test to see if she still needed the medication.  NOPE!  I took her off of it and she has not had an accident since then (unless a lot of emotional situations are going on in our home with our adults).  Then she reverts back to old behaviors of not pot-tying outside and there is not much we can do about it.  She will not even mark on a walk. 

Thank you for going above and beyond. 

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!"

Jodi Dianchrist, Minnesota


“I contacted Amy to get an Emotion Code session done on my 6 months old Siberian cat named Sulliven. We adopted him along a female Sphynx of the same age. We were told he was the cuddliest of the litter but once home he was very distant and did not like to be petted. He had less stamina than our other cat and did not play much. On a couple of occasions I took him to the vet to check that nothing was wrong with him.

On the day Amy worked on Sullivan, she could pick up that he wasn’t feeling well in his stomach. Indeed, that day he was suffering from gastric issues because he munched on cilantro the day before & had spent the day hiding in a closet.

Amy offered to do some reiki on him to relieve him. Quickly Sulliven felt better.

Within a few days of the Emotion Code session, Sulliven was a COMPLETELY different cat. He is now very cuddly and will sit on our lap and sleep close to us at night. He is now a very playful cat, having fun with every bit and pieces he finds in the house. He also has a lot more stamina and has a loving interaction with our other cat.

I cannot recommend Amy enough and I am so thankful she changed the life of our beloved Sulliven”

Severine Schuk, Prague, Czech Republic


I went to visit Amy a couple months ago. I had been very depressed and teary for a couple of weeks before our visit, and blamed it on winter. I also had a strange feeling that the visit was going to be more that just catching up, but thought the visit itself was what I needed since we've been close friends since high school.

Visiting with Amy feels like you're home, safe, and can finally relax. I left her house that evening feeling much lighter than when I arrived, which was what I expected would happen as she's "one of those" people in my life that understands & lightens my load just by talking to me. I stopped the crying I had been doing for weeks that night and went on with my life feeling lighter and better.

The next day Amy texted me to say that I had brought a couple of spirit attachments with me and left them at her house. I never intend to leave bad energy with anyone, and she quickly reassured me that they weren't bad or negative, but needed direction and to be sent towards their final destination, that they came with me for the purpose of getting helped by Amy. She was able to identify and assist them to the light, where they needed to go.

I get cold chills just writing this and got spiritual confirmations over and over as Amy was telling me about these spirits as it happened. We both felt their release.

The only way to experience the gifts that Amy has in working with people and spiritual matters is to spend some time around her. She has a the gift of discernment and carries so much light, yet is incredibly in tune with how not to invade or offend a person's energy. She uses intuition, skills, instinct, and grace in dealing with everyone, mortals, animals, and spirits alike.

I'm an extremely spiritual and religious person that is able to discern energy workers and whether they are working with light and pure intent, or the alternative.

Amy is truly gifted with light and abilities beyond description assist anyone in need of spiritual healing. I trust her, highly recommend her, and I'm so thankful for her & her talents! 

Kami, Garland, Utah


Thank you so much Amy for your session, I've noticed a real change in my daughter since and am so grateful for all your additional support via email. I can highly recommend Amy as a compassionate and graceful energy healer and look forward to working with her again. She did a very thorough session online and her suggestions were very intuitive and spot on with what was needed.

Melissa Turner, Dublin, Ireland


Zoe had a lot of abuse before I got her. Lately she has been barking and lunging at neighbors. Since the healing  session for Zoe she has been happier running around playing with her toys. She has been able to spend time in the backyard without driving the neighbor crazy by barking. She’s actually cuddled with me once or twice.

MarLeice Hyde, California

Mandy dog - Reiki.jpg

Thank you so much! Mandy has been doing much better! She has been so calm and so has the kitten which isn't normal. I think my kitten felt the healing energies as well!

Dallas Montella

Amber - reiki.jpg

Thank you so much for your kindness and for helping my Amber during her last stages of cancer. 


Jennifer Boral


Reggie was biting his tail due to anxiety. Amy did a wonderful Reiki session for him. He has been really calm and happy since the session! Thank You! 

Jamie Park

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