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What is Reiki Energy Healing?

In a Reiki session for you or your animal, I am sending Universal Life Energy to with the intention to raise the vibration of the body, create deep relaxation, remove energetic blocks or traumas, help speed healing, reduce pain, decrease other symptoms your or your animal may be experiencing, as well as creating a sense of peace and calmness.

I use  Reiki along with other healing modalities such as crystals, essential oils and sound healing to help activate you or your animal's natural healing processes, as well as restoring your physical and emotional well-being.

Reiki can be done in person where my hands are placed just off the body or lightly touching the body. however most of my sessions are done energetically through a "distance" healing session. This allows me to deeply focus on your energy or your animals energy during the session. I only need a photo of the animal or person receiving the session. The details of the session are then emailed to you.

What is Distance Reiki?

In a Distance Reiki session I am able to channel Reiki energy to anyone, anywhere, at any time. The effects are the same as an in-person session, because energy transcends time and space. Everything is made up of energy and everything is connected.

During a Distance Reiki session, I connect with either you or your animal on an energetic level. Every living has a frequency so I am able to tune into that unique energy. It's a matter of tuning in to a specific frequency.

I am then able to send Distance Reiki to you or your animal once the connection is made with the intention for the healing to go where it is most needed. Crystals, Sound Healing and Essential Oils can also be used for Distance healing, as their vibrations can flow to where they are needed as well.

Both Reiki and Emotion Code can be done through distance healing sessions because its an energetic connection. My Emotion Code / Reiki combo sessions are all done through distance healing. This allows me to deeply focus on your energy during the session. The details of the session are then emailed to you.

Animal Reiki Distant Healing Sessions

A Distant Reiki treatment offers your animal the opportunity to be in the comfort of their own home while receiving the Reiki. Reiki puts your animal in a deep relaxed space as it gently releases energetic blockages and imbalances while promoting self-healing, balance, and overall wellness.

•      It reduces stress and anxiety and creates a deep sense of relaxation

•      It reduces fear, aggression, depression and other behavior issues.

•      It releases blocked energy that causes imbalances in the body's energy.

•      It assists with the body's innate ability to heal and balance.

•      It reduces pain and inflammation.

•      It offers emotional support. 

•      It helps abused animals heal from past mental/physical trauma.

•      It brings calmness, comfort and healing to lost or missing animals.

•      It speeds recovery from injury, illness and surgery. (Can be used before, during and after surgery)

•      It lessens the side effects of other medical treatments.

•      It compliments all healing modalities including holistic and Western medicine.
•      It supports the end of life process and helps your animal cross over with ease and grace.​

•      It helps maintain health and well-being.

•      It can be an effective, gentle non-invasive yet powerful approach to healing on many levels.

•      Animals connect very easily to the energies of Reiki.

•      Reiki can do no harm. 


Support your animal’s healing and improve their life with Reiki.

Reiki & Emotion Code

Support you and your animal’s healing and improve your life with Reiki & Emotion Code.


What is Emotion Code?

The Emotion Code is a form of energy healing that identifies and removes trapped emotions from the body in people as well as animals.


Trapped emotions are balls of energy that vibrate at a lower frequency in the body, and for any reason that a person or animal doesn't fully process an emotion, this energy can get stuck or trapped in the body which then creates imbalances leading to physical, emotional and/or behavioral issues.


Trapped emotions in animals and can be behind anything from feelings of anxiety, depression, pain, chronic diseases, or even behavioral patterns such as fear based responses or aggressive reactions.  

Quite often Trapped Emotions are at the root of most health issues. The Emotion Code is a very powerful technique to remove these trapped emotions from the body and restore balance within. 

My Emotion Code sessions are all done through distance healing. This allows me to deeply focus on your energy during the session. The details of the session are then emailed to you.

Reiki and Emotion Code

When both Reiki and Emotion Code are use together in a healing session, it is a very powerful way to release energy blocks, raise the vibration of the body, clear trapped emotions, fill the body with loving and healing energies, and restore balance in the body.  Its the best of both worlds. 

I recommend starting with a 90 minute Reiki & Emotion Code session for you or your animal. This allows me to get to the deepest layers in the body and remove all of the energy blocks and trapped emotions. My sessions are very thorough. You or your animal will feel amazing afterward. My Reiki/Emotion Code sessions are done through distance healing. The details of the session will be emailed to your afterward.

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